Product production adapted to market needs

Our production process is subject to strict quality control in terms of both raw materials and manufacturing to ensure that we produce products that adapt to market needs.

Our production process starts with the production of raw materials (chelating agents, amino acids, natural extracts, etc.) included in the different formulations to obtain the final products.

To produce liquid products, we have several plants designed to optimise our reactions.

We also have a high-capacity drying plant for solid products (chelates).

Finally, we have an automated packaging plant for all products, which makes it possible for us to sell our products in different formats and finishes.

What does Deretil Agronutritional offer?

  • Continuous improvement by applying Deretil Group’s chemical and pharmaceutical experience.
  • Cutting-edge control and automation technologies.
  • High production and packaging capacity.
  • Batch traceability and homogeneity.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Continuous R+D+I development of new products.
  • We collaborate with customers to adapt product and packaging to their requirements.

Raw material production

Our experience in the chemical industry and the overlap between raw materials and the pharmaceutical sector results in the development of manufacturing process for various chelating agents for high-purity outputs.

We manufacture amino acids using our own raw materials based on microbiological processes (non-animal/non-plant), which guarantee high-quality products and aminogram homogeneity, as well as natural extracts with high added value for agronomic applications.

We stabilise inorganic and complex salts of different essential elements to ensure full availability in your agronomic applications.

Finished product production

We use specific physical and chemical processes regulated by pharmaceutical industry quality standards to manufacture our products.

Our products are required to pass a range of stability tests and quality controls, with the sole objective of marketing products that comply with the stated guarantees.

For our solid products, we use our own GS and GD drying technology to ensure 100% soluble and dispersible microgranules. The advantages included:
– Easy handling.
– Dust-free to reduce exposure to contaminating agents.
– No lumps, precipitates or insoluble particles that cause obstructions in filters, drippers and spray nozzles.
– Prevents product loss during handling in the field.
– Product solubility is improved by increasing the surface area in contact with water.