The Factory

High production capacity coupled with high standards of quality

Our factory’s location near the most extensive fruit and vegetable farms in Spain, together with over 60 years of experience as pioneers in the chemical industry and our facilities’ high production capacity, make it possible to produce high-quality, efficient products that adapt to agricultural needs through the use of highly technical manufacturing processes.


Our factory is underpinned by two essential characteristics for the development and production of our products: industrial capacity and high versatility in development, production and packaging.

This versatility means our factory can meet the requirements of new business lines.


Formulation and production of a wide range of agronutrients and biostimulants that ensure optimal crop development, providing solutions at each stage of growth that adapt to the most demanding markets.

What sets Deretil Agronutritional apart is that we produce our own raw materials, making end-to-end process control possible.