Agronomic trails

A crucial factor in identifying products’ agronomic effect

Deretil Agronutritional has its own crops for performing a range of agronomic trials:

  • Multi-tunnel greenhouse with hydroponic substrate for growing vegetables.
  • Extensive fields.
  • Fruit orchards.

This is a crucial factor, since it allows us to internally test all our developments before putting them on the market. Performing onsite testing, combined with the proximity to many of our customers in the Almeria region, provides the relevant information we need to evaluate the success of our products.

We also collaborate with farmers and experimental centres to ensure the correct handling of our products.

Agronutritional product functionality

We can perform in vitro and in vivo tests in a culture chamber during the new product development phase, which allows us to obtain short-term functionality results under 100% controlled culture conditions.

1- In vitro tests

  • Antimicrobial:
    • MIC.
    • Inhibition halos.
  • Chelate resistance to alkaline soils.
  • Nematode control.
  • Solubility.

2- In vivo tests

  • Determination of optimal balances according to objectives.
  • Toxicity.
  • Evaluation of the availability and assimilation of the elements provided.
  • Functionality test:
    • Germination.
    • Rooting.
    • Chlorosis control.
    • Bio-stimulation.

3- Field tests

  • Formulation optimisation.
  • Determination of optimal doses.
  • Validation of internal tests according to real culture conditions.
  • Quantification of crop improvements:
    • Vegetative development.
    • Yield.
    • Analysis of fruit quality.
    • Resistance to diseases.
    • Resistance to adverse microclimate conditions.