We offer our customers a wide range of fertiliser products and associated services.

At Deretil Agronutritional we offer the following services:


  • Technical support and crop monitoring, ensuring the correct application of our products.
  • Design and development of field trials to validate product functionality.
  • In vitro and in vivo validation studies on product functionality
  • Support in disease identification and control. Antimicrobial testing


  • Our own GS and GD drying technology, which guarantees products quality.
  • Cutting-edge control and automation technologies.
  • High production and packaging capacity.
  • Batch traceability and homogeneity.
  • We collaborate with customers to adapt product and packaging to their requirements.


  • Product validation by the Quality Assurance department.
  • Our manufacturing plants are designed by our internal engineering department.
  • Continuous R+D+I development of new products.
  • Continuous improvement of processes and products.
  • High quality standards based on Deretil Group’s pharmaceutical philosophy.