Techniques used in production processes

Technology used to validate our products through different in vivo, in vitro and other functionality tests in test fields:

  • Antimicrobial testing.
  • Chelate resistance control in alkaline soils.
  • Comparison of functionality of formulations.
  • Quality and stability control of finished products.
  • Nutritional availability of applications and bio-stimulation.
  • Determination of application rates.
  • Formulation optimisation.

We use GS and GD drying technology through a continuous and automated manufacturing process, in which all the drying parameters are controlled to obtain 100% soluble and dispersible granule.

We also use fermentation technology for the cultivation of microorganisms, the raw material for our amino acids, the only ones of their kind on the market due to their origin.

Some of our production process techniques

  • Analysis techniques.
  • Functional validation tests.
  • In vivo tests.
  • Microbiology techniques.
  • Development of natural extracts.
  • Chemical synthesis.
  • Fermentation.
  • Ecotoxicity tests.
  • Stabilisation techniques.