Integrated research for product development

Technological platform Deretil Vitatech develops new products by optimising their production processes. Vitatech has a qualified and multidisciplinary team that focuses its efforts on agronomy, organic chemistry, biotechnology, chemical engineering, analysis and biomedicine.

It has technological resources for each of these areas and uses validated analytical methods coupled with the most advanced research techniques. It also has the capacity to conduct the industrialisation processes required to develop products implemented by our own engineering department.

Deretil Group’s major achievements

Deretil Group’s major achievements, evidence of the group’s commitment to research, include the design and implementation of a seawater-based biological treatment plant, the only one of its kind in Europe, and an entirely new and environmentally friendly enzymatic amoxicillin manufacturing process.

Deretil Vitatech also collaborates with both national and international universities and research centres.

Lines of Research

Our main line of research is based on applying biotechnology to develop new products.

The experience of Deretil Group, pioneers in the application of this technology to manufacture antibiotics, is harnessed to develop agronomic products and is focused both on optimising nutrient content and on activating plants’ defence systems to boost their resistance to pests and diseases.

The main objective of this line of research is to achieve sustainable agriculture, reducing the use of pesticides, with maximum respect for the environment.