Sohiscert, Control and Certification Body, grants Deretil Agronutritional the license of the SHC brand to use the reference “Usable Inputs in Organic Plant Production”, in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 and UNE 315500:2017 in its principal fertilizers.

 Deretil Agronutritional is strongly consolidated in the market of agronutritional and functional fertilizers, being iron chelates one of our main range of products.

However and far from focusing only on this area, since we belong to a very competitive sector, constant innovation and improvement are essential for us. We work to enlarge our catalogue with new product lines of different functionality, always under the premise of respect for the environment and the development of intensive and qualitative agriculture, being at the same time responsible and sustainable.

A benchmark of our sustainable commitment is the achievement of the recent SHC Certification of Fertilizers for Organic Agriculture, according to UNE 142500:2017 and UNE 315500:2017. The first one recognizes our chelates and deficiency correctors with trademarks FerroActiv® and OligoActiv®, the functional corrector Impulse+ of the ProActiv® range, in addition to Melius, which is a corrector and conditioner of the SoilActiv line®. UNE 315500:2017 certifies our basic substance Eliamin, intended for pest and disease management in organic plant production.

We, at Deretil Agronutritional, take care of all process stages, starting from the product idea to meet the farmer’s needs, its development, stabilization and agronomic validation, its manufacturing on industrial scale under quality standards, until it is placed on the market. Collaboration and regular training with distributors allow our customers to use our products in a proper way, whose results turn out in their crop protection and yields.

We are proud to inform and share the new UNE Fertilizers Certification Usable in Organic Plant Production with our customers and the society as a whole.


Villaricos, 24th February 2021