Deficiency correctors

Products designed for the long-term and quick prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiencies in all types of crops.

This range is developed based on chelates and/or complexes, working with the best option according to nutrient stability/availability. The formulations are designed to prevent adverse reactions with other elements, which could potentially reduce nutrient availability due to the formation of insoluble salts.

FerroActiv range

Solid and liquid iron chelates, including different types of EDDHA and EDDHSA chelating agents.
The solid products are obtained using GS and GD drying technologies that produce 100% soluble and water dispersible microgranules for easy and extremely clean dust-free handling

OligoActiv range

Products designed to comprehensively combat micronutrient deficiencies in crops.
Perfect supplement for an NPK fertiliser, with a formulation that provides fully protected and stabilised microelements, taking into account their subsequent handling and preventing the potential formation of precipitation and obstructions.