Quality and certificates

Management System Certifications

At Deretil Agronutritional, our staff and products are committed to quality agriculture which is respectful of the environment. Grupo Deretil is backed by 50 years of experience. The culture of our company inherently and naturally incorporates the demands of the pharmaceutical market, which has also allowed us to meet strict quality standards in the agricultural market.

The mission of our Quality Assurance and Control departments is:

  • To ensure the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.
  • To fulfil applicable regulatory requirements simply and at the lowest cost.
  • To respect the environment.
  • To create a safe working environment.

How do we achieve this?

  • By drawing up and continuously reviewing policies, manuals, procedures and work instructions.
  • By carrying out inspections (internal, regulatory and customer audits).
  • Using a system of indicators (KPIs).


Ecological certifications

Our commitment to the enviroment is demostrated by the CAAE organic farming certificate, one of the most relevants. Most of our products are also accredited by Sohiscert, the watchdog and food certification entity.


Management System Certifications

At Grupo Deretil, our Integrated Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental System is certified under ISO standards:

logo FDAWithin Grupo Deretil, we also have a certificate of compliance with the Correct Manufacturing Standards for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) issued by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) approval regarding compliance with cGMP standards (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Safety, health and environment

LO_ResponsibleCare_Green-szOngoing training on Safety, Health and the Environment is fundamental. Proof of our commitment to this area is the fact that we are members of the Responsible Care programme, a global and voluntary initiative by the chemical industry, coordinated in Spain by FEIQUE (Spanish Federation of Chemical Industries), which promotes the ongoing improvement of Safety and the protection of Health and the Environment in accordance with agreements on Sustainable Development.




At Deretil Agronutritional, we have achieved REACH registrations as manufacturers of our main products, such as Iron Chelates (FerroActiv), and our goal is to continue registering the rest of our products before June 2018, in accordance with the deadlines stipulated by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). REACH is a regulation of the European Union which refers to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals which are manufactured or imported into the European Union. The goal of this regulation is to protect health and the environment through the correct use of chemical substances, from manufacturers through to customers.

As manufacturers of agricultural nutrients, at Deretil Agronutritional we fully support this initiative, because it is in line with our mission and values regarding caring for people and the sustainable development of our environment. Please contact us if you have any questions about our registrations.

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