The company

DERETIL-AGRO-(1)At Deretil Agronutritional we are devoted to the development, manufacture and sale of products for plant nutrition and protection, especially iron chelates and other essential agricultural nutrients. We are one of the few iron chelate manufactures in the world and our products are already present on the international markets. We form part of Deretil Group, the principal company of which is the leader in the production of intermediates for the manufacture of semisynthetic antibiotics. The central offices are located in Barcelona, and the manufacturing plant is situated in Villaricos (Almería), thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the area.

Under our FerroActiv brand, we market iron chelates which are essential for combating iron chlorosis in plants. Our product catalogue is completed by mixtures of oligoelements (micronutrients), under the OligoActiv brand; bioactivators or L-amino acids, under the Aminoactiv brand; and systemic acquired resistance, under the SarActiv brand.

foto_planta_deretilOur priority is to develop products which are respectful of the environment and to encourage high quality intensive agriculture which remains responsible and sustainable. In line with the Deretil group, we also contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives.

Currently, one of our main lines of research is biological defence, precisely in order to develop defence systems to fight pests through the use of extracts and microorganisms.

We are members of the Spanish Agricultural Nutrients Manufacturers Association (AEFA), which seeks to effectively contribute to the development and expansion of the agricultural sector.

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