The deputy delegate of the government of Spain, Andrés García Lorca, visits Deretil’s facilities

The deputy delegate of the government of Spain visits Deretil in Villaricos (Almeria), dedicated to the development and manufacture of raw materials for antibiotics.

The deputy delegate of the national government in Almeria, Andrés García Lorca, today has considered that the business project combines “the will to work, the innovative development and the productive efficiency, which identify the new Almeria business model.”

García Lorca has made these statements in Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora, Almería), where he has visited Deretil’s facilities and has highlighted “the important work that develops this company and its influence at all productivity levels of Almería”.

The creation of the Group Deretil arises from the expansion that Deretil began by the end of 2008, managing its industrial potential towards new products and markets. Starting from this diversification were born Deretil Agronutritional, Deretil Nature and Deretil Vitatech.

Deretil Vitatech is created as a technology development company with the mission to create value and contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life, through research and development of products and services meant for nutrition, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agronutritional industries. The company is currently working on projects in collaboration with universities and research centers, such as the University of Almeria or the Tecnova Foundation. The R+D+i projects have been endorsed by different administrations such as IDEA (Seville), the Andalusian Energy Administration (Seville) and CDTI (Madrid), thanks to the strong commitment that the company has always shown on innovation. Deretil Vitatech is part of the Foundation CIDAF (Center for Research and Development of Functional Food) that is located in the life sciences technology park of Granada, specialized in the field of functional foods and nutraceuticals, in collaboration with other agri-food companies.

Deretil Nature started its operations in January 2013 to provide the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets with their products adapted to the highest standards of quality and competitiveness. Among the most outstanding products there are Allantoin, a protective active ingredient for the skin, maslinic acid, hydroxytyrosol and other polyphenols.

Deretil Agronutritional it is dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of products for nutrition and plant protection, featured by the iron chelates with trademark FerroActiv, being one of the few manufacturers of iron chelates present in the world and whose products are available in the international markets. The product portfolio is completed by mixtures of trace elements (micronutrients) called OligoActivbio-activators or l-amino acids with tradename AminoActiv and other systemic required resistance products with the name SarActiv.

At the present, one of the principal research lines is focussed on the biological defense to collaborate just on the development of defense systems to combat pests by means of extracts and micro-organism. Deretil Agronutritional is part of the Spanish Manufacturer Association of Agronutrients (AEFA), association that aims to contribute effectively to the development and expansion of the agricultural sector.

Deretil, with more than 50 years of experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, is a world-leading company in the production of raw materials for the production of semi-synthetic antibiotics, such as cephalosporin and amoxicillin. With its establishment in the province of Almeria in 1968, the company has always supported the economic and social growth of this area as the only industrial agent in this sector, while creating a core enterprise in terms of technological advances.

deretilagronutritionalThe deputy delegate of the government of Spain, Andrés García Lorca, visits Deretil’s facilities