Integral Research for the development of our products

DERETIL-AGRO-(1)Our own Research Laboratory, through the group company Deretil Vitatech, is where both the development of new products as well as the optimisation of existing production processes are carried out. Vitatech has highly qualified and multidisciplinary personnel, and mainly works in the following areas: Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Analysis and Biomedicine. It has the technological resources for each of these disciplines. It uses validated analytical methods and the most advanced research techniques. It also has the ability to carry out the industrialisation processes required for the development of these products.

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Some of the most important achievements of the Deretil group which demonstrate its commitment to research are the project and commissioning of the seawater biological waste treatment plant, one of a kind in Europe, and the amoxicillin manufacturing process through a completely innovative and environmentally friendly enzymatic method.

Deretil Vitatech also works on projects in collaboration with universities and research centres, such as the University of Almería and the Tecnova Foundation. They have received financial grants for R&D+i from different bodies, such as the IDEA Agency and the CDTI thanks to the firm commitment which they have always shown towards innovation.

Disolucion-Quelato-de-Hierro-Ferroactiv-3This solid support from Deretil Vitatech guarantees quick attention and an excellent ability to react to the needs of the agricultural sector. Research is currently one of the main factors which sets Deretil Agronutritional apart when satisfying the needs of its customers. In-house research allows us to provide technologically innovative solutions to manufacture high quality products which adapt to the global needs of modern agriculture.

In this regard, one of our achievements is a new formula for iron chelate. This consists of a product formulated with SG and DG (soluble granule and dispersible granule) technology for easy assimilation, which leads to great efficiency and speed in controlling iron chlorosis in plants, as well as making it easy to handle.


Our most recent lines of research are focussed on the application of biotechnology to agriculture; the development of OMPD (Other Means of Plant Defence) to combat pests (biological defence), biostimulants of plant development (improving rooting and optimisation of the different crop stages), the search for possible natural vaccines, elicitor effects, methods for prolonging the useful life of fruit and even recovering its flavour.