OligoActiv EDDHA Mn

OligoActiv EDDHA Mn SOLUTION BASED ON MANGANESE FERTILIZER 2,6% w/v – 2,2% w/w chelated with EDDHA. With maximun level of chelation it guarantees manganese avaiability for the crops.
Higest efificiency of the product is produced in radicular application. In the production process of Oligoactiv SL Mn H25 has been taken in account any possible incompatibilities with NPK fertilizers or other standar applications.

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Water soluble manganese: 2,2%w/w; 2,6%w/v (100% chelated with EDDHA)

Density: 1,13 – 1,19 g/cc
pH (direct measured): 8,0-9,0

Self-life: 2 year
Packaging: bottles of 5 and 20 liters, containers of 100 liters and tanks. Consult with commercial department to other kind of packaging

In fruit trees and citrus applied before new sprouting, Do 2- 5 applications.
In horticals applied from de beginnig of crops development. Applied every 3-4 weeks
Total application in fruit trees and citrus 4-10 l/ha
Total application in horticolas 3-7 l/h
The directions for use should be considered as general recommendations.

  • In fruit trees apply before new sprouting , spring and summer
  • In ornamental and horitcolas apply from the beginning of the crop or just after transplanting.

Deretil Agronutritional, guarantees the contents and formulation indicated in the data sheet and label but not mixtures or manipulations carried out with the product. In case of mixture or combination with other product should be tested for compatibility prior.

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