OligoActiv Boron

OligoActiv Boron BORON ETHANOLAMINE, it is a corrector of nutritional deficiencies of Boron with high availability for the crops.

OligoActiv Boron is an ideal product to complement NPK fertilization. It is recommended in different crops. It acts as an inductor and enhancer of flowering and fruit development.

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Element % w/w % w/v
Water soluble boron 11 15

Density: 1,35 – 1,40 g/cc
pH (direct mesure): 7 – 8
Self-life: 2 year
Packaging: bottles of 5 and 20 liters, containers of 100 liters and tanks. Consult with commercial department to other kind of packaging

OligoActiv Boron
is a product with a high concentration of Boron that can be applied in foliar and root applications. Boron is involved in the formation of cell walls and it is also essentially in photosynthesis.
Boron deficiency in crops, produce decreased in growth, and young leaves show pale green colour.

Foliar application in citrus (before flowering and post fruit set) 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Vineyard (before flowering and post fruit set) 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Olive tree (before flowering and post fruit set) 250-300 cc per 100 liters of water
Foliar application in horticola 150-250 cc per 100 liters of water
Fertirrigation 2 – 4 l/ha
Hidroponics 1.2 – 1.6 l/ha

Deretil Agronutritional, guarantees the contents and formulation indicated in the data sheet and label but not mixtures or manipulations carried out with the product. In case of mixture or combination with other product should be tested for compatibility prior.

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