FerroActiv H35 EDDHA Fe 3,5% o-o

FerroActiv H35 it is an IRON CHELATE formulated with GS and GD technology (the granules are 100 % water soluble and dispersible), easy assimilation, which means an efficient and fast control of the ferric chlorosis.

FerroActiv H35 is EC fertilizer (Fe chelated by EDDHA) formulated with the optimal combination of ortho-ortho EDDHA (it guarantees maximum stability and persistence of the product in soil) and ortho-para EDDHA(quick iron release; shock effect).

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Total soluble Iron: 6.0 %
Chelated Iron [o-o]EDDHA (1): 3.5%
Chelated Iron [o-p]EDDHA (2): 1.5 %

(1) Official o-o-EDDHA method (UNE-EN 13368-2)
(2) Official o-p- EDDHA method (UNE-EN 15452)

Ferric complex sodium ortho-ortho and ortho-para EDDHA

CAS Reg. Nº:84539-55-9

EC Nº: 283-044-5

Bulk density = 0.65 – 0.75 g/cc.

pH (1% in water)= 7.5 – 9.5.

pH interval for a good stability (efficiency) of the product: 3 – 11

Solubility: 300 g/l, maximum working solubility 120 g/l at 20 ºC.

Shelf-life: 5 year

Packaging: Aluminum bags of 1, 5, 20 and 25 kg. Contact our commercial department for other kind of packaging.

Crop Dosage g/tree
Treatment period
Fruit and Citrus Trees Fruit tree and Vine Crops Apply by the end of winter or beginning of spring, matching up with start of new sprouts.Citrus / fruit and other evergreen crops One application during the spring or at the beginning of the summer, before the second sprouting.
Breeding of plants 3 – 5
Seedlings 5 – 15
Young trees 15 – 25
Producing trees 25 – 50
Very grown trees and affected by the ferric chlorosis 50 – 100
Young stocks 3 – 5
Producing stocks 5 – 10
Grapevine 10 – 25
Horticultural and Ornamentals Crops Apply from the beginning of crop or after uprooting.
Beginning of seasonal growth 1 – 2 g/m2
Full growth 2 – 5 g/m2


To be used only where there is recognized need.
Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates. Respect the use conditions.

Keep out of children’s reach. Keep away from food, beverage and feed. Keep packaging tightly closed in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place. Product sensitive to temperature and moisture. Avoid contact on skin and eyes.

Deretil Agronutritional S.L. guarantees the contents and formulation indicated in the data sheet and label but not mixtures or manipulations carried out with the product. In case of mixture or combination with other products it should be previously tested for compatibility.

deretilagronutritionalFerroActiv H35 EDDHA Fe 3,5% o-o