FerroActiv E130 EDTA Fe 13%

FerroActiv E130. Is an IRON CHELATED, with a high level of chelation or iron ensures availabilities for crops, it produces maximum efficiency in their applications both foliar and root applications.

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Ferric sodium salt of EDTA
It is a yellow crystal powder
pH (water solution 1%): 4,5

Total Iron (Fe) water soluble 13% w/w
Total Iron chelated with EDTA

Depends on growth stage of the crops and the level of deffiency
Foliar aplication: 75 – 100 g / hl
Hydroponic: 15 – 20 g / 1000 l solution.
Root application: 2-10 kg/ha It depends on the stage of the crops and the level of deffiency.
In fruit trees apply before new sprouting. For horticultural and ornamental plants apply from the beginning of the crops cycle and after crop transplanting.


Self-life: 5 year
Packaging: Aluminum bags: 1, 5, 20 and 25 kg. Consult with commercial department to other kind of packaging.

Respect the use conditions
Keep out of children’s reach. Keep away from food, beverage and feed. Keep packaging tightly closed in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place Product sensitive to temperature and moisture Avoid contact on skin and eyes.

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