OligoActiv Premium

Oligoactiv Premium is formulated with SG an d GD technology (100% soluble granules) and easily assimilated after dissolution and dispersion in water.

The usew of chelates enables it to be more efficient in the treatment of these shortages. For both EDDHA chelated iron and manganese, it ensures a solution that is completely satisfactory for limestone grounds, copared to EDTA chelated compounds that are not efficient at basic pH levels due to the weakness of the said molecule. Given the high satability of the EDDHA chelated molecule, it ensures permanency and accessibility or the plant at Fe-Mn-Zn, compared to any other products on the market.

Oligoactiv Premium is an EC fertilizer of EDDHA-iron, EDDHA-manganese and EDTA-Zn based, which is known as a chelate agent in teh European Community Regulations on fertilizers (Nr. 2003/2003 D.O.C.E. 21/112003). The contents in the ortho-ortho-EDDHA isomer guarantees maximun stability and persistence of the product on the ground.

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EDDHA chelated Fe Mn and Zn o-o and o-p

Solubility: 300g/liter, maximum working solublility 120 g/liter at 20ºC

pH interval for good satability of the product: 3-11



Water soluble Iron (Fe)


Water soluble Manganese (Mn)


Water soluble Zinc (Zn)



Dosage g/t

Treatment period
Fruit trees and Citric


Fruit tree and Vine Crops Apply Oligoactiv Premiumat the end of winter or beginning of spring, for new sprouting.


Young trees


Producing trees


Very growntrees and affected by ferric chlorosis


Citric Apply once in the spring or at the beginning of summer, before second sprouting.
Young cinegrowing


Produdcing grape vine stocks


Grape growing


Horticultural and Ornamentals Crops Applied from de beginning of culture or after transplanting.
Early development

1–2 g/m2

Full development

2-5 g/m2

Oligoactiv Premium is formulate containin stable iron, zinc and manganese chelates, completely soluble in water, quick acting, with a high shock effect anda durability. It is an easy apply chelate that does not present any obstruction problems in irrigation systems and leaves no residue in te mixing tanks. Ist soluble granule preparation prevents it from gerating any dust when handled and its dissolution and absorption in water is fast.

Compatibility: is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizes. It is recommended a prelimiray compatibility test.

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