OligoActiv K

OligoActiv K is a liquid with a high concentration in potassium used to prevent and correct potassium deficiencies. Due his high solubility and special formulation enhance plant uptake and making it more bioavailable for the plant. Because chelates enter the plant easily they are extremely useful for rapidly correcting nutrient deficiencies

OligoActiv K is a product recommended for differents crops. Aplications ensures protection agaist pests as trips. It is a product especially applied in ornamentals, horticolas and fruit trees. Use is recommended in greatest need of potassium:fruit set and fruit development.

Potassium is involved in the mechanisms of regulation of plant water and formation of proteins that are responsible of synthesis of carbohydrates. Acts as enhancer in the process of cell respiration. It also regulates the transport of products of photosynthesis by phloem and distributed inthe plant.

This products enhances resistanco to drought, frost and fungal diseases.

OligoActiv K is compatible with the majority of manures and phyto-sanitary products normally used. It should not be mixed with alkaline reactive products. It is recommended to perform a test before mixing.

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Aspect: Transparent liquid
Oxide of potassium (K2O) water soluble 33.0% w/w; 50.0% w/v
pH ( 1%) aqueous solution: 10-11
Density: 1.51g/cc

Dosages specified below are general recomendations. Dosage depens on crop, crop stage, application type and soil type. If any doubt, consult with qualified personnel.

Foliar application
Citrus and fruit trees 200-400 cc/hl , 2-3 applications
Horticultural crops 150-200 cc/hl , 3-4 aplications depending crop stage and deficiency
Olive 200-300 cc/hl , 2-3 applications
Vid 200-300 cc hL during vegetative stage
Horticultural crops 45-60 L/Ha 3-4 applications
Fruit trees , olives and vid 50-70 L/Ha 3-4 applications

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