OligoActiv EDDHA Zn

>OligoActiv EDDHA Zn Zinc solution 2,6% w/v – 2,3% w/w chelated with EDDHA. Zinc concentrated suspension quelated with EDDHA. With maximun level of chelation it guarantees Zinc avaiability for the crops.

Higest efificiency of the product is produced in radicular application. In the production process of Oligoactiv SL Mn H26 has been taken in account any possible incompatibilities with NPK fertilizers or other standar applications.

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Sodium complexes of Zinc and ethylenediamine-N, N-bis acid (2 ortho-hidroxyphenylacetic acid)
Molecular Formula: C18H16N2O6ZnNa2
Molecular weigh: 467.4
CAS Reg.Nº: 1170-02-1
Water soluble zinc: 2,3%w/w; 2,6%w/v (100% chelated with EDDHA)
Density: 1,13 g/cc
pH (direct measured): 8,2 – 8,8

Dosage depends on soil conditions , crop and crop stage. 3-6 kg/ Ha and application. Application can be repeated after 7-10 day. Several applications with small amount are more efficient tan applications with higher concentrations.

Product designed for radicular application. Product can be applied foliar. For foliar applications pre-test is recommended.

The directions for use should be considered as general recomendations.

  • In fruit trees apply before new sprouting, spring and summer.
  • In ornamental and horitculture apply from the beginnning of the crop or just after transplanting.

Packaging: 5 L – 20 L – 1000 L.

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