FerroActiv S33 EDDHSA Fe 3,3% p/p

FerroActiv S33 is an iron chelated solution. The iron is essential for the chlorophyll synthesis and for the plant development. The iron takes part in the different levels of electron transportation chain, fundamental for the cell respiration and in the metabolism of enzymes and proteins. It also has an important role in the nitrogen fixation.

The deficiency of iron is a common problem in the alkaline soils with high calcareous, carbonates and phosphate contents: A deficiency of Fe produces inadequate supply of chlorophyl, causing foliar chlorosis. Although the plants need small quantities of iron, its absence cause problems in the system, where any anomaly in the foliation produces general disorders in the production of proteins, enzymes and other components, essential for its development. Leaves venation discolours and progressively a yellowing appears.

Symptoms of inhibition of the plant respiration. In an advanced stage, the plant can have necrosis and even die.

FerroActiv S33 is an EC fertilizer based on EDDHSA-iron and formulated looking for the high concentration on ortho-ortho EDDHSA isomer which provides the optimum efficiency in extreme calcium and alkalinity soil conditions. As chelating agents include in the EC regulation on fertilizers (nr. 2003/2003 D.O.C.E 21/11/2003).

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Ethylenediamine-N, N-bis (2-hydroxy 5 sulfophenylacetic acid) Ferric Sodium complex EDDHA-Fe-Na
Formular molecular: C18H16O12N2S2FeNa
Molecular weigh: 594.49
CAS Reg.Nº: 84539-54-8

Total iron soluble: 3.3%(w/w); 4.5% (w/v)
Chelated Iron [o-o]EDDHA (1): 3.3%(w/w); 4.5% (w/v)
Density: 1.32 – 1.36 g/cC.
pH (1% in water): 5.0 – 6.0
Interval for a good stability (efficiency) of the product: 3 – 11
Chelating agent EDDHA: solubility 300 g/l, maximum working solubility 240g/l at 20ºC.

FerroActiv S45 is an iron chelate, stable and highly soluble in water, with a clear celerity and shock effect and persistence. Also the chelating agent EDDHSA provides and extremely stability, even at higher pH.

It is an iron chelate easy to use, without presenting any kind of plugging problems regarding the watering systems .It is formulated as highly soluble granules and do not produce dust during handling. The dispersion and dissolution in water is very fast.

Direct to the soil
Spread the product out, mixed with fertilizer or sand or very well-pulverized, straight to the soil. Then water the treated area so that the product can reach the roots of the plant.

Holes and/or furrows
Make holes (minimum 4) or a 15 – 20 cm deep furrow around the trees or along the plantation line. Apply the needed quantity, previously dissolved in water (approx. 80 g/product in 10 liter/water) close to the furrows and water it immediately after.

Apply the product through liquid fertilizers localizers or using manual injectors. Several punctures must be done around the tree or close to the dripping zone. Then irrigate the area.

Hollow ploughshares
Apply the product using a container that is connected to a hollow ploughshare grower, which allows conducting the product close to the plantation line.

With irrigation water
Add the product, once dissolved with irrigation water, either by spraying, dripping or abundant irrigation. Thanks to its high solubility and the quality of the formulation, FerroActiv does not block filters or droppers. A product concentration of no more than 80 g/l of water is recommended. Add always the product on top of the water and not the other way round, in order to enable an easy dissolution.

Foliar application
Wet both leaves sides abundantly with a maximum dosage of 0.1% (100 l of product in 100 liter of water) and repeat operation if needed.


Dosage cc/tree

Treatment period
Fruit and Citric Trees
Breeding of plants

4 – 7

Fruit tree and Vine Crops Apply by the end of winter or beginning of spring, matching up with start of new sprouts.


7 – 20

Young trees

20 – 35

Producing trees

35 – 70

Very grown trees and affected by the ferric chlorosis

70 – 135

Citrus / fruit and other evergreen crops One application during the spring or at the beginning of the summer, before the second sprouting. Make a single treatment in spring or at the beginning of the summer, before the second sprouting.
Young stocks

15 – 35

Producing stocks

4 – 7


7 – 15

Horticultural and Ornamentals Crops Apply from the beginning of crop or after uprooting.
Beginning of seasonal growth

2 – 3 cc/m2

Full growth

4 – 6 cc/m2

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