FerroActiv H23 EDDHA Fe 2 % p/p

FerroActiv H23 fertilier based on iron chelated 2% with EDDHA that contain a high level of chelation that ensures availabilities for crops. It produces maximun efficiency in their applications both foliar and root applications.

It is an iron chelate completely soluble in water which facilitate the application in dripping irrigation system.

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Ethylenediamine-N, N-bis (2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid) Ferric Sodium complex EDDHA-Fe-Na
Formular molecular: C18H16N2O16FeNa
Molecular weigh: 435,2

Water soluble iron (Fe): 2.0 w/w; 2.3 w/v (Chelated 100% with EDDHA)
Density : 1.16 g/cc

Fruit trees: Applied before new sprouting
Horticultural and ornamental plants: Applied from the beginning of the crops cycle and during all crop development

Dosages depends on growth stage of the crops and the level of deffiency.
Foliar application: 150 – 200 cc/ 100 l
Root application:

Crop Dosage
cc /tree
Treatment period
Fruit and Citric Trees Fruit tree and Vine Crops
Apply by the end of winter or beginning of spring, matching up with start of new sprouts.

Citrus / fruit and other evergreen crops One application during the spring or at the beginning of the summer, before the second sprouting. Make a single treatment in spring or at the beginning of the summer, before the second sprouting.

Breeding of plants 9 – 15
Seedlings 15 – 45
Young trees 45 – 75
Producing trees 75- 150
Very grown trees and affected by the ferric chlorosis 150 – 300
Young stocks 30 – 75
Producing stocks 9 – 15
Grapevine 15 – 30
Horticultural and Ornamentals Crops Apply from the beginning of crop or after uprooting.
Beginning of seasonal growth 3 – 6 cc/m2
Full growth 6 – 15 cc/m2

Disponible en 5 L, 20 L, Contenedor 1000 L y cisterna. Consulte otro tipo de envases en el departamento comercial de Deretil Agronutritional SL.

deretilagronutritionalFerroActiv H23 EDDHA Fe 2 % p/p