FerroActiv E130 EDTA Fe 13%

FerroActiv E130. Yellow crystal powder with an Iron content of 13 % and 100% chelated with EDTA. With a high level of chelation or iron ensures availabilities for crops,it produces maximun efficiency in their applications both foliar and root applications.

It is an iron chelate completely soluble in water which facilitate the application in dripping irrigation system.

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Ferric sodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
EDTA: FeNa. 3 H2O
Molecular weight: 421,7

Water soluble iron chelated: 13 % (w/w) 100% with EDTA
pH solution 1%: 4,5 % (w/w)

Dosages depends on growth stage of the crops and the level of deffiency

  • Foliar aplication: 75 – 100 g / hl
  • Hydroponic: 15 – 20 g / 1000 l solution.
  • Root application: 2-10 kg /It depends on the stage of the crops and the level
  • Fruit trees: Applied before new sprouting.
  • Horticultural and ornamental plants: Applied from the beginning of the crops cycle and during all crop development.
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