AminoActiv 100

AminoActiv 100 is an amino acid concentrate obtained by the controlled fermentation of selected micro-organisms and subsequent acid hydrolysis. Through these processes you obtain a balanced product that contains natural components that are found in vegetable structures such as amino acids, peptides, enzymes, polysaccharides and micro-nutrients.

Strains of micro-organisms present in plant roots, which possess a high protein production capacity (precursors of the L-amino acids after their hydrolysis) are used in the fermentation process that is carried out under strictly controlled conditions. The remaining nutrients available in AminoActiv 100 SL are due to the nutrient rich environment in which the fermentation process is carried out, which is necessary for the growth of any living organism.

The L-amino acids of AminoActiv 100 are quickly absorbed by the plant with minimum energy consumption, through foliar as well as radicular absorption.

Composition % w/w % w/v
Total nitrogen (N) 4,5 5,0
Organic nitrogen (N) 2,3 2,5
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 2,2 2,4
Free aminoacids 10,0 11,0

Dark brown liquid
Density ( at 20 ºC) 1,10 g/cc
pH (solution 0,3%) 3,0-3,5

AminoActiv 100 is a complete EC fertilizer for radicular or foliar application that, due to its high concentration of free amino acids, its balanced aminograme and its contents in macro-and micro-nutrients, features the following characteristics:

  • Contributes to the formation and improvement of the radicular system.
  • Helps in the assimilation of macro-elements supplied by the plant.
  • Stimulates the seed germination process.
  • Accelerates the formation and growth of leaves due to its positive effect on the chlorophyll function.
  • Decreases the effect of stress due to extreme weather and chemical conditions caused by plant health products.
  • Eases the regeneration of tissue damaged by pruning, burns, cuts, wind, etc.
  • Improves the coloration, size and homogeneity of the fruit.
  • Stimulates the setting and flowering.
AminoActiv 100 can be used through foliar feed as well as by any other type of irrigation system, following the recommended dosage:

Crops Foliar Application

Dosage (cc/100l)

Radicual application


Horticulture -Vegetables 1-2 treatments


During crop production season, distributed in 3-4 applications


Citrus and Fruit Trees 2–4 treatments in crop season (sprouting, preflowering, frut growing…)


Distributed in 2-4 treatments during new sprouting, preflowering, fruit growing


Rice and cereals Before tillering


Olive tree Pre and post flowering


Distributed in 2-4 treatments during new sprouting, preflowering, fruit growing


Beet roots and Potatoes Along with other plant health treatments


During the entire cycle, distributed in 3–4 treatments


Vineyards Foliar aplication.Repeat treatment 2 times, during pre flowering and 2-3 weeks after the collection


Distributed in 2-4 treatments during new sprouting, preflowering fruit growing


Ornamental crops Foliar aplication. Repeat treatment 2-3 times at first stages


Soil aplication – Fertirrigation. Distributed in 3-4 treatments after transplanting


Hydroponics During crop production season, continuous weeklyapplication


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